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Crossfor New York for Men

From our silver brand Crossfor New York, a long-waited men’s series is in the market.
"Silver accessories that women want men to wear"
The sophisticated and fashionable designs make men’s necklines cool.

"Dancing Stone is used for Crossfor New York for Men"

Crossfor Cut, is used for Dancing Stone

Crossfor Cut has 46 facets.
The graceful cross-shaped glitter can be achieved by a perfectly cut loose stone, not by carving.

Crossfor Cut is an original cut style developed by Crossfor as a result of three years of numerous research and development.
This mysterious and precise cutting technique successfully created cross-shaped glitter in the center of a jewel using the reflection of light.

About Materials

We use Crossfor Cut cubic zirconia and sterling silver (SV925).

About Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is an artificial stone produced by combining zirconium oxide and some other minerals.
It is now a popular artificial stone with a hardness, optical refraction index, and optical dispersion rate similar to natural diamonds.

  • Lily of Cross

    ¥20,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-001
    Elegant design of a classic lily and cross.

  • Bullet

    ¥20,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-003
    Urban and simple motif in which bullets are made into a cross.

  • Tribal hook

    ¥20,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-002
    Motif of a hook, the symbol of one's strength on the open sea.

  • Sabel

    ¥20,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-004
    Design inspired by a saber that is carried by a brave knight.

  • Tailsman

    ¥20,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-005
    "Horseshoe of good luck" design inspired by a charm which has a strange power.

  • December

    ¥15,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant  NMP-006
    Inspired by the Moon

  • Black Hole

    ¥18,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant   NMP-007
    Inspired by a mysterious galaxy that pulls people in.

  • Black Hole

    ¥18,000 (tax incl.)
    Tiny pin   NM-T001
    Inspired by a mysterious galaxy that pulls people in.

  • Rock Eternity

    ¥18,000 (tax incl.)
    Pendant   NMP-008
    Powerful design inspired by the Mobius eternal strip.

  • Package

  • Original jewelry case

    The jewelry case comes with an optical scope, warranty, and wish card.

  • Warranty

    We guarantee the authenticity and quality of Crossfor products. We will repair our products for 5 years after purchase. (Fee-based)

  • Wish card

    Please write your wish.
    Crossfor’s loving glitter will make your wish come true.

  • Shopping bag

    Our original shopping bag
    Perfect for a gift

  • Original optical scope

    When looking at the center stone of the product with a scope,
    you can see the mysterious cross-shaped glitter.
    You can use it for other jewels.

  • chain

    It comes with a 50 cm brass chain with 5 cm adjustor.
    *Some types of products do not include an adjustor.

    A silver chain is also available. (50 cm) ¥8,000 (tax excluded)

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