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Personal Information Protection Policy

Crossfor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company,” or “we,” “us” or “our”) sets out this privacy policy (this “Policy”) concerning the handling of private information in services provided via this website (hereinafter “Services”), as follows:

Article 1 (Private Information)
Out of the private information, Personal Information means the “personal information” specified in the Personal Information Protection Act, which is information on a living individual that contains his/her name, date of birth, address, telephone number, point of contact, and other descriptions, by which the specific individual may be identified.
Out of the private information, History and Characteristic Information means any information other than the above Personal Information, which includes the history of using services and purchasing products, viewed pages and advertisements, keywords searched by the user, the date/time and manner of use, usage environment, zip code, sex, occupation, age, the user’s IP address, cookie information, positional information, and identification information of the terminal.
Article 2 (Manner of Collection of Private Information)
When a user registers for use, the Company may request him/her to provide his/her name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, bank account number, and other Personal Information. The Company may also collect from our partner the records of transactions made between the user and partner that may include the user’s Personal Information and information on settlement.
When a user uses services or views a webpage of the Company or a partner, the Company will obtain the user’s History and Characteristic Information, including information on services used, products purchased, pages viewed, the date/time and manner of use, usage environment (including, in cases of use through a portable terminal, the terminal’s communication status, and setup information for the use), IP address, cookie information, positional information, and identification information of the terminal.
Article 3 (Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information)
The Company will collect and use Personal Information for the following purposes:
  • (1)Information may be used to display a user’s name, address, point of contact, payment method and other registered information, as well as information on services used, products purchased and their prices, so that the user may confirm or correct his/her registered information, or know the status of his/her use.
  • (2) A user’s e-mail address may be used to provide useful information to the user or to contact him/her; and a user’s name, address and other contact information may be used for sending products or making necessary communication to the user.
  • (3)The identity of the user may be confirmed by using his/her name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account number, whether or not a delivery-certified mail has reached the user, or other relevant information.
  • (4)A relevant amount may be charged to the user by using the name and quantity of the products purchased, types of services used, period and frequency of use, charged amount, his/her name, address, bank account number, and other payment information.
  • (5)The user’s data input may be assisted by displaying the information registered in the Company on an input screen, or by forwarding the information, based on the user’s instruction, to another service (including those provided by our partner).
  • (6) The user’s manner of use, name, address and other information identifying said individual may be used, so that use will be denied to any user who has failed to pay within the due time, caused damage to a third party, or otherwise violated the terms of use of Services, or who intends to use a service for an illegal or unjustifiable purpose.
  • (7)Information may be used for responding to an inquiry from a user, which includes contents of the inquiry and information necessary for the provision of our services to the user including that on the billing, and the status of his/her use of services and contact information.
  • (8) Information may be used for any purpose incidental to the above purposes.
Article 4 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)
Without the user’s advance consent, the Company will not provide his/her Personal Information to a third party, except in the following cases.
However, this does not apply to cases where permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act or other legislations.
  • (1)If it is disclosed under legislation;
  • (2)If it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned;
  • (3)If it is specifically necessary for the improvement of public hygiene or the promotion of the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned;
  • (4)If it is necessary for cooperating with a national organization or local public entity, or any person delegated thereby in performing business provided by legislation, and obtaining the consent of the person concerned is likely to hinder the performance of business; or
  • (5)If notification or announcement of the following items is given in advance:
    A statement that a purpose of use includes provision to third parties;
    The items of data to be provided to third parties;
    Means or manners, by/in which it is provided to third parties; and A statement that provision of Personal Information to third parties may be discontinued at the request of the person concerned.
    Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the following cases do not fall under provision to third parties:
    • (1)If the Company consigns all or part of the handling of Personal Information within the limits necessary for the attainment of the purposes of use;
    • (2)If Personal Information is provided due to a merger, or business succession for any other cause; or
    • (3) If Personal Information is used jointly with specified persons, for which advance notice is given to the person concerned to the effect that it will be used in such manner, specifying the items of Personal Information to be used jointly, the scope of joint users of information, purposes of use by joint users, and the name of the person responsible for the management of the Personal Information; or for which those matters are made readily accessible to the person concerned.
Article 5 (Disclosure of Personal Information)
When a person requests disclosure of his/her own Personal Information, the Company will disclose it to that person; provided, however, that the Company may not disclose all or part of the information if disclosure gives rise to any of the following events. When the Company decides not to disclose, it will give notice to such effect.
  • (1)If it is likely to harm the life, body or property, or other rights or interests of the person concerned or a third party;
  • (2)If it is likely to cause a considerable hindrance to proper operations of the Company’s business; or
  • (3)If it violates any legislation.
Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, the Company will not, as a general rule, disclose History and Characteristic Information or any information other than Personal Information.
Article 6 (Correction and Removal of Personal Information)
If a user finds that any of his/her Personal Information in our possession is incorrect, the user may request, through the procedures designated by us, the Company to correct or remove such Personal Information.
When the Company finds it necessary to accommodate the request received from a user under the preceding paragraph, the Company will, without delay, correct or remove the relevant Personal Information and will give the user notice to such effect.
Article 7 (Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information)
If the Company is requested by a person to discontinue use of or erase his/her own Personal Information (hereinafter “Discontinuation”) because it is handled beyond the scope of purposes of use, or it has been obtained by unjustifiable means, the Company will conduct the necessary investigation, and will, based on the results thereof, enact Discontinuation of the Personal Information and give the person notice to such effect.
However, if it requires a large expense or is otherwise difficult to enact Discontinuation of Personal Information, and an alternative measure is available for the protection of rights and interests of the person concerned, the Company will take such alternative measure.
Article 8 (Revision of Privacy Policy)
The contents of this Policy may be revised without notice to users. In the absence of a separate stipulation by the Company, a revised Privacy Policy will become effective when it is published on this website.
Article 9 (Contact for Inquiries)
Please contact the following point of contact for any inquiry about this Policy:



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