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OEM Manufacturing Service Case Examples

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  • Case Example 01Business Type: Shrines and temples (Japan)

    One shrine that was seeking an opportunity to collaborate with local companies contacted Crossfor after hearing about Dancing Stone from a parishioner. The shrine was considering the creation of an amulet that looked more like an accessory that would protect the wearer. The shrine particularly liked Dancing Stone due to its originality of creating a moving stone. Dancing Stone is now used for the shrine's pin broach-type amulets.

  • Case Example 02Business Type: Eyeglass manufacturer (Japan)

    The company admired the product concept in which Dancing Stone never stops swinging (sparkling) during a meeting and decided to use Dancing Stone for decorating its eyeglasses. Dancing Stone is now being used on the temple area of the company's eyeglasses, which feature unique sparkles.

  • Case Example 03Business Type: Jewelry manufacturers (Japan and overseas)

    Dancing Stone moves independently and reflects light to allow the original sparkle of gemstones to be enjoyed at all times. We promoted this innovative setting method by highlighting Dancing Stone's charming vibration movement and differentiation from other products. As a result, many jewelry and accessory manufacturers use Dancing Stone in their products.

  • Case Example 04Business Type: Sports organization (Japan)

    A meeting with the person in charge of merchandise creation for a sports team at an exhibition led us to produce a tiny pin for the team. The person in charge of a different sports team who saw the tiny pin later contacted Crossfor about creating original merchandise using Dancing Stone for their team. As a result, Crossfor also created original merchandise such as a Dancing Stone necklace featuring a team mascot.