Company Outline

  • Company Name
    Crossfor Co., Ltd.
    August 1987
    710.5 million yen
    Hidetaka Dobashi
    Manufacturing, import, and sales of jewelry and accessories
    Number of Employees
    Seven-person Board of Directors and 75 employees
    Head Office
    7-11-4, Kokubo, Kofu City, Yamanashi 400-0043, Japan
    Secondhand dealer license (watches, jewelry goods)
    Yamanashi Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 47102310002
    Crossfor's Intellectual Property
    Crossfor HK Limited (Hong Kong Branch) *Wholly-owned subsidiary
    CROSSFOR CN Limited *Crossfor HK Limited's wholly-owned subsidiary
    D.Tech Co., Ltd. *Wholly-owned subsidiary
  • Yamanashi Head Office 〒400-0043
    7-11-4, Kokubo, Kofu City, Yamanashi

  • Tokyo Office 〒110-0016
    4-8-5, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
    T&T Okachimachi Biru 6F

    China Office Room 201 ,2F, Dongfang Plaza, No.1072,Jianshe Road,Luohuqiao Community,Nanhu Street,Luohu,Shenzhen, china
    TEL:+86 755 2584 2932

    Hong Kong Office Unit 211, 2/F, Mirror Tower, 61 Mody Road, TST-East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    TEL:+852 2312 0059

    Official Distributor K&S Collection Pvt Ltd
    Kabir Sadarangani (Contact Person)
    DW2210 BDB, Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai, 400051
    Mobile Phone: +91-9867755339

Trade Partner Information

Many of our customers have been using our products since our establishment.

Crossfor's Intellectual Property

Crossfor's philosophy is to continuously produce and offer creative jewelry with singular beauty for the joy of people around the world. Since our foundation, those guiding principles have allowed us to develop a unique gem cutting technology to bring out the beauty of gemstones even more. We have created many jewelry products with outstanding originality, and proactively obtained the rights to our intellectual property in Japan and around the world. For example, our one-of-a-kind Dancing StoneⓇ gemstone setting allows even the slightest body movement to be used as energy to continuously vibrate diamonds. In addition to patents and trademarks for Dancing StoneⓇ itself, we went as far as to acquire a wide variety of intellectual property rights even for the design of the gemstone holders, package boxes, and display tables. As a jewelry company from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, we will evolve and pursue creativity and offer fantastic products. We will protect our inventions and brands, and we will ensure we offer products that customers can trust and find satisfactory.

Countermeasures Against Counterfeit Goods

In recent years, many counterfeit goods have been circulating around Asian countries, starting with China. Our intellectual property rights are frequently violated. Crossfor has established a multifaceted approach in dealing with counterfeit goods that infringe on our intellectual property rights. We will continue to take aggressive action to eliminate these illegal items by maintaining a strong stance of zero tolerance. By doing this, we will protect the legitimate interests of our customers and business partners who purchase our products, and enable customers to enjoy our products without worry.

  • Counterfeit Countermeasure System Chart

  • Countermeasure Flow Regarding Counterfeiting