Company History & CSR Activities

Company History

Crossfor's milestones since foundation

Founded as Dobashi Jewelry Trading
Established Shibado Co., Ltd. (former company name)
Invented Crossfor Cut
Patent acquisition for Crossfor Cut
Company name change to Crossfor Co., Ltd.
Established a subsidiary in Hong Kong
​Invented Dancing Stone
Dancing Stone patent acquisition in Japan and registration as a utility model in China
​Established a second-tier subsidiary in China
Head Office relocation to Kokubo in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture from Asake in the same city
Established subsidiary D.Tech Co., Ltd. Joined Keidanren Japan Business Federation. Concluded a business collaboration agreement with Nihon Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Given the Award for Excellent Corporation Utilizing the Intellectual Property Rights System of the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office Awards hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

CSR Activities

Bringing joy to all people.

In addition to activities for communities to make local residents smile, Crossfor from Yamanashi Prefecture will continue to contribute to the entire world as a company with responsible employees by addressing various issues faced by society.

Activities for the Community
  • Donation to FoodBank Yamanashi

  • Ventforet Kofu Fair Play Declaration sponsor

  • Best of Miss Yamanashi sponsor

  • Garbage collection activity

  • Christmas illumination at Head Office building

Other Activities
  • Donation to Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund

  • Donation of part of the raw diamond profits to environmental or medical organizations and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

  • Donation of part of our profits to UNICEF