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History of Crossfor




Launched as Started Business as Dobashi
Jewelry Trading by importing and selling jewelry in Kofu-shi Yamanashi in 1980.
In 1987, we established Shibado Co., Ltd. (current company).
Which was engaged in the import sall of jewelry.

1999-Creating Glitter-

Invention of Crossfor Cut

We invented "Crossfor Cut"
based on the image that most suits a rough diamond.

After three years of numerous research and developments
we succeeded in creating cross-shaped glitter in a jewel
by reflection of light.

2001-Glorious Achievement-

Obtained Patent for Crossfor Cut

Instead of carving and damaging a jewel, we achieved the perfect cut
through our original cut style. This method was evaluated and we obtained a patent.
With even just a slight deviation, a cross shape will not emerge in a jewel.
Thus, all Crossfor cuts are graded as Excellent Cut.

2002-Change and Growth-

The Birth of Crossfor Co., Ltd.

Taking the name from Crossfor cut, we changed our company name
from "Shibado Co., Ltd." to "Crossfor Co., Ltd."
Crossfor cut enabled us to grow to a company specializing in manufacturing and sales of.

2007 -To the World-

Founding of Hong Kong Subsidiary

We established a subsidiary in Hong Kong where the jewelry industry is thriving.
This subsidiary has grown to an overseas base of Crossfor.

2010 -Revolution-

Invention of Dancing Stone

Diamonds are the world’s most glittering jewels

Is there any function that makes a diamond more glittering?

If only a diamond is set in a jewelry setting which can swing and flicker…

Out answer to this was creating Dancing Stone jewelry.
Compared with any other jewel or diamond,
 "A diamond produced by Crossfor will present the best glitter in the world."


Granted A Patent For Dancing Stone

A special structure which enables the stone to swing vertically. Our setting is different from the ordinary setting which uses a laser hole.
This original technique was evaluated and
thus we nice granted a patent.
Taking this opportunity, we started to focus on licensing the manufacture of Dancing Stone.

2016-Relationship with Licensees-

Dancing Stone Award

We presented awards to the companies that sold the most Dancing Stone between 2011 and 2015

Crossfor has concluded sales contracts with more than 170 companies around the world.
We chose the companies from amongst the licensees which had the best records to bestow this award.

Founding A Second-tier Subsidiary in China

Aiming at further overseas business development our Hong Kong subsidiary has established an office in China.

2017-Further Development-

Crossfor’s New Office Building Was Completed.

We relocated our head office from Asake to Kokubo in Kofu-shi
with a larger office building in order to expand our business.

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange(JASDAQ).

On July 20, 2017 Crossfor was listed on JASDAQ.
We aim for further height as we stand on a new start line

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