Message from the President

To the world with first-in-Japan jewelry

 Crossfor's corporate mission is to deliver delightful surprises and joy to people around the world by creating new jewelry that has never existed anywhere else on the planet. Dancing Stone is a Crossfor invention in which only gemstones such as diamonds continue to swing without movement of the jewelry. The technology is recognized as highly innovative in today's jewelry industry and our company has obtained global patents. Crossfor is working to grow Dancing Stone into an internationally recognized jewelry brand, and we hope Dancing Stone decorates the necklines of as many people as possible. The unique design of Dancing Stone keeps gemstones swinging continuously as if they are vibrating. To this day, Crossfor is the only company with such technology. In other words, we are without competitors, and we do not need to compete against others. Consequently, we decided to work with various companies and, by collaborating with brands all over the world, Dancing Stone will be known to many more people. In addition, we believe we will be able to create a gigantic Dancing Stone market in the world. Last but certainly not least, every one of our employees supports each of these business strategies. We believe that creating an environment in which our employees can contribute to society and achieve self-realization through their work is more important than anything else. Crossfor will improve the productivity of the entire Crossfor Group by creating a system that makes company growth dependent on employee growth and vice versa. Thus, I humbly ask everyone for their continuous support and cooperation.

Crossfor Co., Ltd. Representative Director