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Crossfor's Quality Control

Details of our quality control


We carefully inspect every one of our products regardless of whether they are produced internally or by another company. We set strict quality standards for each product, and we are proud of our thorough quality control system.

Product Quality Check Examples

  • Dancing Stone

    In every single product, we use dress form mannequins to check that our stones swing for at least ten seconds.

  • Tennis Chains

    The prong, back, and sides of the frame of completed tennis chains are all checked by microscope for defects in the adhesion surface, distortion, broken parts, and scratches/dents, etc. Completed products are also put through a tension test, and only products that exceed our strict standard values are shipped.









Digitalization of Defects

Crossfor digitalizes all products that become defective during the manufacturing process. When a product from outsourced companies has a defect, Crossfor asks for a correction and makes a request for the submission of an improvement plan. As a result, we have successfully been able to decrease our product defect rate. Crossfor manufactures products that satisfy our customers with this thorough quality control.