Corporate Philosophy

Challenge for

Crossfor's corporate mission is to deliver delightful surprises and joy to people around the world by creating new jewelry that has never existed anywhere before. Crossfor will continue to evolve and take on challenges to revolutionize the jewelry industry.

Our Vision

For smiles around the world

Throughout the journey since our foundation, we at Crossfor have continued to take on challenges such as the development of our patented technology. The single, driving force was our wish to see people around the world become happy. We have a mission of continuously producing and offering creative jewelry with unique beauty for the joy of people everywhere. Crossfor promises to continue to create delicate, beautiful, and artistic jewelry by working with skilled artisans and collaborating with various companies.

Company Policy

Crossfor aims to become a time-honored company by evolving and pursuing creativity.

In an era of rapid change of the global economy and awareness, businesses cannot survive without evolving. Crossfor believes that as companies grow, they grow into something that belongs to communities/society and contribute to society in return. We change things that need to be changed and hold tight to traditions that continue to serve us well. Crossfor aims to be a company that continuously grows by flexibly trying new things with doggedness and determination.