Miss World Japan2020 ダンシングストーンのティアラをご使用いただきました。Dancing Stone Tiara was used at Miss World Japan2020


2020年9月24日(木)、都内某所にてMiss World Japan2020の大会が行われ、グランプリ・準グランプリのティアラに、



Miss World Japan2020グランプリに選ばれた金谷鞠杏さん



■Miss Worldとは・・・



容姿の美しさを評価するだけではなく、【Beauty with a Purpose(目的のある美)】をスローガンに、美に集まる力を社会貢献に活かすことを目的に、世界中のミス・ワールドが子供の支援をはじめとした積極的な事前活動や、各国の課題解決に取り組んでいるほか、水着審査を廃止するなど、他のミスコンテストとは一線を画し、女性の尊厳・地位向上にも力を注いでいます。


■Miss World Japanホームページはこちら:


On the 24th of September 2020, the Miss World Japan 2020 competition was held in Tokyo. We had the honor of having the contestants wear CROSSFOR Co. Ltd,’s tiaras with Dancing Stone during the Grand Prix and Semi-Grand Prix rounds.

Please click on the below link to see more information about the event.

■What is Miss World?

The Miss World competition has the longest history among the three major beauty pageants in the world, with the largest number of countries participating, and is considered to be the most prestigious contest in the world. Under the slogan “Beauty with a Purpose”, Miss World not only evaluates the beauty of a woman’s appearance, but also aims to use the power of beauty to contribute to society by proactively supporting children and solving problems in each country. By abolishing the judging process, we have set ourselves apart from other beauty pageants, and we are also committed to improving the dignity and status of women.

■Miss World Japan website: