Crossfor's Technology

OEM Manufacturing Service

The flow of Crossfor's OEM manufacturing service from inquiry to the delivery of products

  • STEP 1.Consultation

    STEP 1.Consultation

    After an inquiry is received from this website or via phone, we consult with the prospective customer regarding details including size and images of the relevant product requiring Crossfor's OEM manufacturing service. Then, we hold meetings to explain the structure of Dancing Stone thoroughly and ask for more details so we can bring out the maximum allure of Dancing Stone and the jewelry customers wish to buy.
  • STEP 2.Design Proposal

    STEP 2.Design Proposal

    Based on what we learn in the meetings, Crossfor provides customers with a design drawing. Our proposal is made according to a customer’s price range, required size, and desired design. If there are challenges, Crossfor will create a product that customers will be happy with by utilizing our original Dancing Stone knowledge.
  • STEP 3. 3D CAD Data Creation & Estimate Provision

    STEP 3. 3D CAD Data Creation & Estimate Provision

    By creating CAD data from design drawings, samples that are much closer to the actual product can be checked. Detailed estimates, including weight and labor costs, can be confirmed too.
  • STEP 4.Prototype Creation

    STEP 4.Prototype Creation

    Prototype will be created based on CAD data.
  • STEP 5.Order Placement

    STEP 5.Order Placement

    After a customer confirms the estimate, they place an official order with Crossfor.
  • STEP 6.Inspection & Delivery of the Product

    STEP 6.Inspection & Delivery of the Product

    Following careful inspection of the manufactured product in our plant, Crossfor delivers it. We are also able to provide sample products when our OEM manufacturing service is requested. For more details, please get in touch with us using the contact information below.